2023 Larry Loser Volunteer of the Year Receipent

Each year the faithful service of a CBDR Volunteer is award the “Larry Loser Volunteer of the Year Award.” The 2023 recipient is Jerry Percell. Jerry has excelled in serving during deployments, assisting with maintenance and moving of vehicles and resources, leadership and training. Thank you, Jerry, for your dedication in bringing help, hope and healing to those who have suffered loss.

First Deployment in Maui

CBDR has deployed our first volunteer (Tory Keller) to help with Personal Property Recovery from the destructive wild fire in Lahaina, Hawaii. She will be serving with local Hawaii Pacific Baptist Church volunteers along with other SBDR Region 1 (Western Region) states in ash-out and sifting through the debris.

Update: Tory reports she has teamed up with a team from California, who has lovingly nicknamed her “CAL-orado.” They gear up and walk a distance uphill to their assigned property. Please continue to pray for Troy and our DR workers as they Bring Help, Hope and Healing in Lahaina.

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