Deployment Procedures

As you are aware, we need to be prepared to deploy at any time.

Volunteers need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the SBDR Trainings required
  2. Complete a background check
  3. Have updated credentials (Required every 3 years)
  4. Have medical insurance and have completed the personal and medical forms

How Deployment Notices are made:

Once the CBDR State Director receives word of a potential deployment, you will receive an ALERT message. This will be posted on our CBDR Web site  and you will receive a mass email with pending information available at that time.

  • If you respond by email or text that you are interested and available, then you will receive additional emails with more details as we get closer to deploying.
  • Your next notice will be a STANDBY notice (this is time to get your bags packed and be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice once we receive the final “GO” or NO GO from officials
  • Once we receive the final “GO”, then you will receive all the final details concerning the deployment.

Deployment Information Shared:

  1. Location that we will be deploying to
  2. Travel plans (time and location of where team will meet)
  3. Housing plans for travel and deployment site
  4. Specific circumstances at the disaster location
  5. Specific assignment of service
  6. Length of time for deployment (Out of state will be 1 or 2 weeks)
  7. Contact information of person to report to at site
  8. Any other pertinent information available at the time of deployment concerning the response

How to Deploy

  • Do NOT self-deploy. You must be a part of a CBDR deployment team.

  • All Volunteers must provide proof of health insurance. A copy should be given to your CBDR Team Leader heading up the deployment team.

  • All Volunteers must fill out a current year Personal and Medical Information Form.

Our Fleet of CBDR Vehicles

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1 John 3:16-17