During this year’s deployment from May to August, this term “Rise and Rebuild” was used by many property owners that lost everything from the E. Troublesome Fire in Granby and Grand Lake.

“Imagine with me for a moment, that you are standing among the twisted burnt debris and ash from a two story log home. Everything you had is now in ashes and gone forever. What does one do?

As I was looking at an ash-out job we had just completed at the top of a mountain road, a vehicle came up the dirt road and a man gets out and asked if I was Dennis. He said he had been looking for me and wanted me to come see the remains of his property. As we approached his site, all you could see was burned forest, twisted metal roofing, burned appliances and deep ash. He said that he and his wife stood on this site and said “There is no way we can rebuild”. He had also mentioned that they were going to be going away for several weeks and wanted us to wait to clear their property when they returned as they wanted to help. As he described his emotions and those of his wife’s, I asked if he would check with his wife and consider allowing us to do the clean-up work while they were away. The reason for this was that when they come back they would have a new beginning all the debris they now see would be gone and a new life would be starting (new grass, flowers and aspen sprouts were going to be coming). “The pile of debris and ash you see today will be gone and you will have clean foundations and a new outlook on your future. (We tell people that their foundation will be clean enough to have a picnic on)

That afternoon he went and got his wife and took her to the property where he and I originally met to show her the quality job that our CBDR teams do. He told me that she just started crying and said…”Call Dennis and let them start the work!”

When they returned, they could not believe what they saw! The New Beginning was waiting for them and the wife stood in the clean foundation and said “We are Going to REBUILD!”

The Bible -Once we complete a job, we present a Bible to the owners with the team member’s signatures and bible verses. This couple was so overjoyed to receive this as they had lost their only Bible in the fire. What a precious site to see them hold the copy of God’s Word and just cry and hug each other!

CBGC pastors and churches: This is what CBDR and Disaster Relief are all about! We need YOU!  Are you willing to come and be a part of this exciting and needed ministry?

I want to thank you for your prayers, your support and gifts you have shared to allow us to continue to Bring: Help, Hope and Healing to those in need!

Serving Together,
Dennis Belz
CBDR State Director